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5 Stacy Styles Tips: Decorating your living room

Where do you start when decorating your space?

Yeah, that’s a tough one! Especially when there are so many places to look.

So, we’re here to help you out!

5 wonderful tips from our amazing interior designer.

What tips would you recommend to someone who’s in the beginning process of redecorating their family/living room?

The first step in starting a room transformation is to establish a color scheme. Choosing a color from the largest pattern in your space may help you narrow down the colors you are wanting. You can look for these patterns in your upholstery, your favorite colorful rug, or large piece of artwork. Plucking several of your favorite colors from these items can get you started on your room transformation journey.

How can someone figure out their style preference? (Modern, rustic, contemporary?)

You can figure out your decorating style by visiting one of our beautifully decorated Sherman’s locations. Our stores display the latest styles and trends and can aid you in determining your personal style. You will more than likely find that you are drawn to the same colors and patterns. Don’t worry if you like a variety of styles it is completely acceptable to have an Eclectic scheme in your home. An Eclectic style enables you to blend many textures, trends, and colors.

The do’s and don’ts for picking the right wall and furniture color.

Choosing a color scheme for your room can seem overwhelming. Take your time. Bring home paint samples and fabric swatches to get the full effect as to how these colors will look in the natural lighting in your space. Use the process of elimination over several days of viewing colors at different times of the day and night in your home. A good rule of thumb is to use color relationships as your guide. Complementary colors are those that lie opposite to each other on the color wheel.

How to balance function and beauty without going overboard?

Combining function as well as beauty has never been easier than in today’s times. Furniture is more multi-purposeful than ever before. Many of today’s styles have dual purposes such as doubling a large Ottoman as a Cocktail table. You can achieve this super functional look by simply adding a hard surface like a decorative tray or mirror and decorating it accordingly.

What’s your favorite “must-have” item for any family/living room?

My favorite must-have item right now has to be a decorative rug. I feel a great rug can perfectly accentuate your décor. An optimal size rug in a shape that best suits your living space will help to invigorate the entire aspect of your room.

Well, I hope these tips help! I firm believer that when it comes to decorating your home, you should pick and choose what makes you and your family most comfortable and happy in your space.

Happy Decorating!


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