Areas We Serve

While you must inspect and purchase your products in person at our clearance center, we have a wide delivery and install radius. Zoom in on the map below to see if you're in our every-day zone or one of our outer zones. 

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We have associates at the clearance center ready to help you pickup and load your purchase at no additional cost. However, if you require delivery or installation, here is a list of our fees:

Appliance Delivery:

Standard Delivery: Hookup (NO GAS) and 1-for-1 Haul Away $99.99
Gas Appliance Delivery: Hookup and 1-for-1 Haul Away $149.99
Additional Haul-Away $25.00

Additional Delivery Services:
Move 2nd Appliance to New Location in Home $100.00
Tight Dryer Vent Kit $29.99
Additional Haul-Away $25.00
LP Convert Dryer $100.00
LP Convert Range $100.00
Side Vent Dryer $100.00

Furniture Delivery:

Single Item Complete Delivery, no Haul-Away $99.99
Multiple Item Complete Delivery, 2 pieces or more. No Haul-Away $149.99
Furniture Drop-off in Garage: In box, no assembly, no haul-away $49.99
Mattress Delivery: 1-for-1 Haul Away $49.99

Appliance Installation Services (see store for complete details):

Dishwasher Replacement $169.99
Over-the-Range Microwave Replacement $129.99
Cooktop Replacement, Non-vented $149.99
Cooktop Replacement, Downdraft $199.99
Built-In Refrigerator (no removal needed) $249.99
Built-In Refrigerator Replacement $499.99
Professional Range $199.99
Professional Range Hood (existing venting)$299.99
Double Wall Oven Replacement $249.99
Single Wall Oven Replacement $199.99
Standard Range Hood on Wall (ventless or existing venting)$119.99
PRO Range Hood on Wall $299.99
Island Hood $299.99
Custom Range Hood $299.99
Built-in Microwave & Trim $139.99
Trash Compactor $129.99
Undercounter Icemaker $149.99
Custom Wood Panel Installation $100.00 each