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Best Delivery Teams in Central Illinois

Let’s be honest. Friends shouldn’t let friends move the heavy stuff. And if you’re looking for your new piece to arrive safely in your new home, it’s probably time to – well, pivot.

Photo Credit: Warner Bros. Television

Luckily for you (and your friends), Sherman’s has the best delivery teams in Central Illinois. That’s a big claim, but we can back it up.

We built an entire house inside our distribution center to ensure every team is thoroughly trained before they enter your home.

In fact, our 1200 sq ft training house is like an American Ninja Warrior course! There are multiple entrances, steep stairs, sharp corners, hook-up lines for appliances, and more. We take home delivery seriously, which is why we regularly test our furniture, mattress, and appliance delivery skills.

Our new delivery drivers and delivery assistants must spend 80 hours training here and pass 13 skill certifications before they’re given the keys to their own truck.

Yup, we even practice getting your appliances safely and securely through those reeeealllly narrow doorways.

Our delivery teams are trained to handle this…

…so you don’t have to do that!

Photo Credit: Warner Bros. Television

And to make things even easier, we even offer Next Day Delivery, 7 days a week.

So, when it’s time for your next delivery, let our friendly team of trained delivery crews take care of moving the heavy stuff for you. Because no one will respect you and your home like Sherman’s.

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