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Best Home Design Tips to Get You Inspired

Transform your home with the best design tips and inspiration from Sherman's.

Create Your Color Scheme

Before you dive into changing a room, have a color scheme in mind. This will prevent you from making purchases that won’t match. Plus it is exciting when you are shopping and find something that fits perfectly in your scheme. Check out our Pinterest board Colors! for inspiration!

Color Your Trim

Don’t be afraid of color, embrace it! Use color in your color scheme and paint your window trim. We recommend keeping it a lighter color, but if your walls are light you can get away with dark trim.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

(Image credit: Davide Lovatti/Jody Stewart/Natalia Miyar)

Mirrors are one of the best design options out there. Why? Mirrors can add depth to a small room, height to a short room, widen a narrow hallway, etc. However, we recommend keeping mirrors out of the kitchen. They have very little purpose there and will constantly need to be cleaned. Also, if you follow Feng Shui, keep them out of the bedroom as well.

Don’t Be Stingy on Your Couch

The biggest mistake people make when purchasing furniture is buying a cheap sofa. Buying a cheap sofa will result in your cushions shriveling up, fabric tearing, and you have to buy a new sofa in a year. Pay close attention to details such as fabric and cushion construction, reviews, and warranties. Lifelong quality may cost a little more, but if you plan to actually use your furniture, it’s worth it.

Give Neutrals Texture

Not a big fan of color in your home, but want more style? Totally fine! Give your neutrals texture. This can come in many forms. You can texturize your walls, furniture, accent rugs, or whatever else you can find. This will give your neutral color palate the flair you are looking for.

Make Sure Drapes Hit The Floor

There are styles showing differently, but don’t make that mistake in your home. If you are doing classic side panels drapes, then get the longer option. They can always be hemmed, if need be, but they cannot be lengthened.

Pile on the Pillows

Adding pillows can give you lots of opportunities. You can add color, texture, and comfort. We recommend you make sure your pillows aren’t too small; this can make them look cheap and defeat the purpose. Pillows are a great way to spice up your couch or bed, so don’t be afraid to get fun.

Go Big With Backsplash

A backsplash is a beautiful way to spice up your kitchen. So, don’t under-do it! Fill as much of your space (as budget allows) with your perfectly chosen backsplash. It will make a BIG difference. (As you see above, they filled their tile up to their ceiling and hood)

Let Space Dictate Furniture

Sometimes furniture can only go a certain way or in certain areas, don’t fight it. If you have to put your couch in front of a window, try bench seating or a short couch (image on left). If you have a tiny bathroom, try a curved shower that will fit snug in the corner (image on right). Know your space and embrace it!

Give the Right Front Door Impression

Your front door is usually the first thing people touch when they come to your home. Don’t let your door be boring, because you are not boring. Give color, texture, decor, etc. Just give it something that represents you!

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