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Furnish Fearlessly with Furniture Care Protection

Protect Your Furniture and Enjoy Peace of Mind with Furniture Care Protection

You can’t plan for every accident that happens to your furniture. Unforeseen snags and rips, unplanned smudgy stains and watermarks, or other sudden damages appear when you least expect. In other words, life happens, but the good news is, you can be prepared.

At Sherman’s Warehouse Clearance Center, we provide you peace of mind with our Furniture Care Protection. It allows you to fully enjoy your living room furniture, bedroom furniture, dining room furniture, and home office furniture with your friends, family, and even your pets!

Furniture Care Protection

So, what kind of coverage are we talking about? Great question! Your coverage includes single incident damages on fabrics, microfiber, A&P leather, vinyl, wood, and even outdoor furniture.

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*Additional exclusions may apply. See the protection plan for complete terms and conditions. A copy of the plan is available for review at your preferred Sherman’s location*

Don’t let unexpected accidents keep you from relaxing and enjoying your furniture. With Furniture Care Protection coverage, you can furnish fearlessly and live comfortably.

Furniture FAQ’s

Is it normal for the fabric to “shed” or “pill”? This is often a temporary or maintainable characteristic. When it does not affect the long-term reliability of the fabric, it is not considered a warrantable defect.

I purchased fabric or leather protection and have a problem; how do I obtain service? The purchase of fabric and leather protection covers most accidental rips, tears, and burns. For additional details or to file a claim, please contact the appropriate company as listed on your receipt. All claims must be presented within 5 days of the accident. We recommend contacting Furniture Care Protection directly via phone at 888-705-4001 for assistance.

How do I arrange for repair or service of my furniture? We have factory-trained Furniture Service Technicians to service and repair the furniture we sell. Please see the Furniture Warranty Guide for general info, and call for details. We also offer service outside of warranty. The initial service call is $149.99 to come out and must be paid prior to scheduling an appointment. A quote will be provided for the cost of parts and labor before service is performed. We service seven days a week, but availability may be limited due to existing appointments. Please allow up to three weeks in advance if parts must be ordered.

For additional furniture FAQ’s, you can view more information here.


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