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Meet the Team: Andrew

We’re bringing you inside the doors of Sherman’s. That’s right! C’mon in and get to know the people who make Sherman’s a remarkable place to work and shop. Are you ready? First up, let’s visit our Sherman’s Warehouse Clearance Center Team.

Meet Andrew! If you’ve visited Sherman’s Warehouse Clearance Center recently, most likely you have seen Andrew or even had the pleasure of working with him. He’s responsible for managing the Clearance Center store and making sure the customers who shop there are happy they chose Sherman’s. Read below to learn more about Andrew!

His Journey to Sherman's:

"Originally, I heard positive things about Sherman’s from family and friends, which prompted me to apply." Andrew's decision to join the team has been more than justified, as Sherman's has undeniably "lived up to the hype," as he puts it.

A Journey of Growth:

Throughout his time at Sherman's, Andrew has worn multiple hats, proving his versatility and dedication to the company. Starting with roles in Electronic Sales and Furniture Sales, he swiftly moved up to become the Clearance Center Assistant Manager, where he promptly showcased his exceptional management skills and problem-solving abilities. Due to his outstanding performance, Andrew was promoted to the position of Clearance Center Manager, a role that has allowed him to further develop his leadership qualities.

The Rewards of Sales:

"As a salesperson, I loved solving customers' problems and offering products that genuinely met their needs. I make it a priority to understand each customer's unique requirements and provide them with tailored solutions, instead of pushing a product. It's all about finding the perfect fit for their needs."

The Rewards of Management:

"As a manager, I take pride in Sherman's employee-centric culture. The company views its employees as complete individuals, not just as people filling a job description. As a manager, I strive to help my team members grow in both their work and personal lives. This holistic approach to management fosters a supportive and fulfilling work environment."

Outside of Work:

Outside of work, Andrew finds joy in staying active and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. He is an avid fitness enthusiast, regularly hitting the gym and doing yoga. Inspired by his role model, the charismatic Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Andrew is on a mission to sculpt his body and mind.

So, there you have it – a glimpse into the world of Sherman's and the incredible Andrew. His journey embodies the spirit of Sherman's, where his dedication, growth, and passion for customer satisfaction have made him an invaluable asset. Thanks, Andrew, for making Sherman's a remarkable place to work and shop!


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