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What’s the Difference Between Next Day Delivery and Free Next Day Shipping Service at Sherman’s?

It’s an exciting day when your dream appliance, mattress, or one-of-a-kind furniture piece is ready to head to your home!

The question is now, do you want free next-day shipping or have the best delivery crew in Central Illinois take care of it for you with our signature full delivery service?

At Sherman’s, we believe that delivery is an experience that matters. We know that cost and speed are a few of the most important factors when it comes to making a delivery successful. It’s a big deal to us because it’s a big deal to you.

That’s why we offer TWO types of quality service options that can ensure a positive and stress-free delivery or in our case, shipping too. After all, we want to make sure you’re really, really happy you chose Sherman’s.

Option #1: Next Day Delivery

Next Day Delivery is our original deal. It’s what we’re known for. Washer breaks and you need something right away? We got your back.

We’ve added a bigger warehouse (100,000 ft, to be exact) and are stocking up on our inventory to make sure we live up to our promise.

Not to pat ourselves on the back, but we’re pretty proud of our delivery service. Delivering big stuff can be complicated – not to mention that each home has a unique configuration. But that’s exactly why we created the Respect-elivery Training Academy.

What is our Respect-elivery Training Academy? Great Question! We were hoping you’d ask.

We built an entire house inside our distribution center to ensure every team is trained in our house, not yours. You can get the full story here: In the academy, new delivery teams must spend 80 hours in training and pass 13 skill certifications before they’re given the keys to their own truck. We take the time to thoroughly train because we want to respect your home. Option #2: FREE Next Day Shipping Looking for even more delivery options? We also offer Free Next Day Shipping*. Come into the Warehouse Clearance Center and get it 2-MAR-OH. Sounds like it can’t get better? Oh wait, it’s free.

*Currently, limited to drop-off shipping.*

No matter if you choose Next Day Delivery or Free Next-Day Shipping, either way, we think it’s a win.


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